Saturday, November 9, 2013

Monthly hackathon or unconference in Mpls or St. Paul

I want to hear from people who are interested in doing the City Camp MN and Open Twin Cities idea more often primarily in a hackathon format.

Doesn't have to be amazing or awesome every month, just a group of creative and interested and civic minded people getting together once per month or so.

I can help to organize and find space for this.

Especially interested in having non-coders attend, developers aren't the best with idea creation and collaboration between non-technical and techies is always the best.

I know there are people looking for projects to code on, and I know there are people looking for help moving their ideas forward.

Post in the comments if you are interested in this and I will contact you or post on this blog as this moves forward.



jtd said...

Sounds good! I said this on twitter already, but for others that might see this: check out Open Twin Cities. OTC currently meets monthly but it might be cool to get a group meeting more often or at least do a Google Hangout.

Also, there is an open twin cities irc channel on Freenode at #opentwincities

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