Friday, December 23, 2011

Increase memory size for SQLDeveloper

For some reason, they make it very difficult to increase the memory size of SQLDeveloper, you can't even pass in the options on the command line.

I'm not sure about Mac or Windows, but on Linux, it's pretty easy, just edit your ide/bin/ide.conf file and change the lines "AddVMOption -Xmx640M" and "AddVMOption -Xms128M" lines to something larger (or smaller). You can see what I have mine set to below.

Here is mine after I changed it:

tor@XXX:~/sqldeveloper$ pwd
tor@XXX:~/sqldeveloper$ cat ./ide/bin/ide.conf
# Oracle IDE Configuration File
# Copyright 2000-2008 Oracle Corporation.
# All Rights Reserved.
IncludeConfFile ../../ide/bin/jdk.conf
AddJavaLibFile ../../ide/lib/ide-boot.jar
SetMainClass oracle.ide.boot.Launcher
# If you are getting the 'Low Memory Warning' Message Dialog while running
# JDeveloper, please increase the -Xmx value below from the default 768M to
# something greater, like 1024M or 1250M. If after increasing the value,
# JDeveloper is no longer starting up because it fails to create a virtual
# machine, then please reduce the modified -Xmx value.
AddVMOption -Xmx2048M
AddVMOption -Xms512M

# Turn off verifications since the included classes are already verified
# by the compiler. This will reduce startup time significantly. On
# some Linux Systems, using -Xverify:none will cause a SIGABRT, if you
# get this, try removing this option.
AddVMOption -Xverify:none
# On some Windows Terminal Server installations, relocation errors of
# system DLLs can sometimes occur when using OJVM. Use this option to
# specify a heap base address for OJVM to resolve this problem. This
# option only works with OJVM and cannot be used with any HotSpot JVM.
# AddVMOption -Xheapbase100000000

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time Machine on Mac OS 10.6.8 failing backing up to an Ubuntu netatalk server with "(Error) IndexSDB in si_writeBackDBO:Error 2 storing dbo"

I ran into some problems about four months ago with being able to back up my 10.6 Mac to an Ubuntu netatalk server. I just started failing, with a generic error message on the UI. All other netatalk services and shares were working fine.

It was getting to the point where it looked like it was working, but once it actually began backing up, it would get to about 100kb, and then fail with this message in the system log on the Mac:

Oct 29 16:37:48 my-macbook mds[38]:
(/Volumes/Backup of MyMac/.Spotlight-V100/Store-V1/Stores/XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX)
(Error) IndexSDB in si_writeBackDBO:Error 2 storing dbo(9770a3,430,182,4b076d10a69e9,0,1d1686,0)

I was able to follow the instructions copied below from a comment on this page:

Obviously I didn't follow them exactly, since I have an Ubuntu server and not a Mac OSX server, but it now turns out that my Mac now creates the sparsebundle file for me! I basically deleted the whole folder (sparsebundle that I had created for the previous version of Mac OS) that I was using for the netatalk share, created an empty one with 777 perms, added the file, and my Mac did the rest!

Note: The backup did fail once or twice after following these instructions, the third time it started working all by itself, all I did was retry.

10.6: Set up Time Machine on networked AFP volume
Authored by: Henk Poley on Feb 27, '11 01:52:53AM
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.. but the only thing I have to do is:

1. Create an AFP share on an OS X machine (set permissions, user accounts & passwords as you like)
2. Run `touch` from on that share
3. Mount the AFP share by clicking around in Finder
4. Point Time Machine to the disk

It then goes off to create a .sparsebundle, mounts that and does a backup.

I may have run the magic `defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1` way back when, so you may have to run that too.

Both machines run 10.6.6, but I (maybe miss-)remember doing it like that on Leopard too.

(Before anyone says this doesn't work anymore, I'm doing an initial backup using that method right now)
Edited on Feb 27, '11 01:59:53AM by Henk Poley